Course Offerings

In addition to our core classes, the following elective courses are also available.
Criminal Justice 1 and 2 - Introduction to Criminal Justice and learn the basic structure of the legal system in the U.S.; both criminal and civil. The main focus in this class will be on Criminal Law and its application to our lives on a daily bases. In this class students will learn basic definition of crimes, consequences for crimes, and various legal remedies. Students who complete this course will have the opportunity to enroll in Criminal Justice ll, a more in-depth study of Criminal Justice in preparation for a possible career in the Criminal Justice field.  (Career Pathway: Human Services)
Accounting 1 and 2 - Keeping financial records of a business.  (Career Pathway: Business, Marketing, & Technology)
Career Development - Career assessments, career research, resumes, and interviews.  (Career Pathway: Business, Marketing, & Technology)
Personal Finance 1 and 2 - Money personality, budgeting, life after high school, debt, and credit cards.  (Career Pathway: Human Services)

Anatomy - Learn basic human anatomy including body systems and functions.  (Career Pathway: Human Services)

Health Elective - Introduction to the study of the human body and basic kinesiology. The students will learn about body movements, anatomy, nutrition, and exercise. Students will work out 1-2 times per week, which is mandatory, and also enjoy a post workout smoother drink. If you are looking to be healthier, learn about the body, and go on local field trips, this is a class for you.  (Career Pathway: Health Sciences)

Yearbook - This class is designed to provide students with the journalism skills necessary to begin the process of design and yearbook production. Skills will include working in groups, brainstorming and collaborations, writing, reporting, reviewing and revising material, headlines, captions, editing, and photography.  (Career Pathway: Arts & Communication)

Beginning Art -  This course is an introduction to principles and techniques in drawing. Student will gain a working knowledge of line, shape, form, space, texture, value, and color; the Elements of Art.   This course will also introduce the student to automatic drawing, random compositions, narrative, collaborative and other conceptual drawing techniques.  (Career Pathway: Arts & Communication)

Intermediate & Advanced Art - This course further explores the Elements of Art and introduces the student to the Principles of Art.  Student will learn the rules that govern how artists organize the Elements of Art with the Principles of Art:  rhythm, movement, balance, proportion, variety, emphasis, harmony, and unity.  (Career Pathway: Arts & Communication)

Industrial Construction - Basic Home Repair- framing, electrical, drywall and plumbing- along with basic hand and power tool identification and use, safety and construction math.  (Career Pathway: Engineering, Manufacturing, & Industrial Technology)

Introduction to Skill Trades - Basic Construction Concepts (Safety, Tools, Math, and Blueprints) then you build your own project.  (Career Pathway: Engineering, Manufacturing, & Industrial Technology)